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How long can strings be in cell storages?

4000 characters.

If my Excel template contains a VBA macro, does this remain in Nooxl?

No, neither in Nooxl itself are macros executed, nor are macros contained in exports from Nooxl.

Both is not possible due to security risks.

The cell borders are not displayed in Nooxl as in Excel - why?

Nooxl renders the cells as a HTML table. A main attribute of those is that there is only one border at the point of contact between two cells.

When rendering, the assignment of borders to the cells is as follows:

  • Cell A1: all four borders are rendered

  • Cells starting in column B in row 1: all borders except the left one are rendered

  • Cell starting in row 2 in column A: all borders except the upper one are rendered

  • All remaining cells: only the right one and the lower one are rendered

These cell addresses are only valid if the visible range (tab) starts in A1!

For example, if it starts in C5, this is the cell with all 4 frames. Those with three borders are located in row 5 from column D, or in column D from row 6.

Borders are also rendered if no border has been set in Excel. It is then automatically rendered in the color which also applies to the background of the cell.

Attention, this does not apply to the right border of connected cells! This border is not rendered at all and therefore ALWAYS appears white.

This circumstance can lead to "staircase effects" at the intersections of borders:

With which precision are numbers stored in Nooxl?

The maximum precision in MS Excel is 15 digits (before and after the decimal point together).

Nooxl can store values with a maximum of 15 places before the decimal point plus a maximum of 14 places after the decimal point (before Nov. 2019 only 4 places after the decimal point).

Values greater than 1016-1 can only be stored in Nooxl with database adaptations (decimal [29,14]).