Overview of Nooxl terms and their meaning.

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An account includes one or more Nooxl Apps. Within an account, data can be "exchanged" between apps, so that, for example, cross-departmental work (one app per department) can be carried out on the basis of a single data source.


A Nooxl application consisting of at least one Excel template.


A menu item in the left navigation.


Catalogs or element catalogs are collections of (similar) elements.

For example, you could create a catalog User, in which you maintain all users of your app.

Catalogs or selections on their elements can be read into Nooxl at various places.


An element of a catalog.


A subset of elements of a catalog.

Elements can be part of any number of conditions.


See template versions.


The normal mode in which Nooxl users find themselves when working with the app.

design mode

The design mode, which is used by administrators to customize/develop the app


A dataset is a combination of one element out of each of the catalogs that form the selection of the template.

Database mark

A database mark is a cell or a range of connected cells (not necessarily shown as connected cells in Excel) that has a database connection.

The connection can be read and/or write.


See Functions, which can be utilized for extended program logic.


A special markup that is used in the template to define what should be displayed in work mode.


Every action (editing and saving) of a user in a template causes Nooxl to create a new state of the template and the data contained in it.

This makes it possible to track changes.


Cells marked in Nooxl, which can be given further abilities:

  • Storage

  • Function

  • View